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Development of a Parallel Grid Generator with Integration of a Parallel Flow Solver emphasising Load Balancing Aspects

Dr. Andrea Coriand (DLR Köln)
Dr. Michael Faden (DLR Köln)
Prof. Dr. Michael Griebel
Sven-Hauke Vossen

Cooperation with DLR Köln.

This project seeks to develop a parallel grid generator and to assemble a uniform, parallel environment - an integrated process of development - for the construction of computational grids (meshes), for the partitioning  of meshes, and for the computations of simulations. Currently, the grids are sequentially constructed and  are simply partitioned  for the parallel flow solver. The quality of the meshes are  evaluated automatically by geometry criterions and by hand inspection. The use of very large data sets needs a more practicable and automatic method. The  parallel grid generation  combined with the flow solver makes it possible to shorten the development cycles, to operate on a larger dataset and to extend methods for controlling grid quality.

In a first step, a geometry partitioning will be developed. This will serve as a basis for the parallel grid point generating. In a second step, the flow solver will be integrated. All aspects of load balancing will be handled here by the geometry partitioning. The parallel grid generator for two and three dimensional problems will be tested  and verified on stator-rotor examples.

Thomas Gerstner, 28.1.1998